This, I tumbled…

February 12, 2015 § Leave a comment

I am back on this blog and I still have no answers to the last post’s questions. Perhaps I will be in France in the fall to study, who knows? At the moment, the future is extremely foggy, but isn’t that part of the pleasures of being young? … So, let me instead focus on what is here and now. Here is the lovely tumblr summary that I once upon a time used to post here:

This photo is the first photo I regblogged from Jeanne Damas’ new tumblr-blog. I just love her, she does not follow trends but always looks spot on. This woman of great, effortless, ultimate french style is certainly someone to look towards for style inspiration.

I will forever be planning my perfect house, however far away the actual house might be. This week, my thoughts have been all about mirrors.

Flowers, because flowers are always wonderful. These ones remind me of the winter I am missing back in Norway.

Having great underwear is a bit of a project and mine has just begun. I really like this photo for the effortlessness and casualness that it exudes.

Did you see the new Dior video? Natalie Portman is always gorgeous and Dior is one of my favourite brands, so this was a must-watch for me.

Again, this reminds me of home. It looks similar to my usual jogging-route and the time when the first frost hits is one of my favourites.

Kate Moss is always a reblog.

This I like because of the contradiction of the cigarette in hand and the mask on her face. Still, she looks fabulous and I wish I looked like this whenever I do my weekly pampering-routine.

To end this post, the perfect breakfast. A croissant is never wrong and coffee is forever needed – this combination is an eternal classic.

– Indi


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