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I have never made any New Year’s resolutions. Ever. Yes, it is a new year and people set goals, but what stops them from setting goals at any other time? New Year’s resolutions are usually of the extreme degree and most people are unable to uphold them. So why bother? I have always had a different solution. Instead of swearing off candy for an entire year, I say on any given monday: “If I stick to my plan and get everything done this week, I will enjoy saturday with a glass of merlot and a Will & Grace marathon.” Or, I will go out with my friends. Short term goals make the carrot on the stick seem so much closer. And that’s because it is!

By setting yourself weekly and monthly goals with a small prize at the end, you do not have to worry about breaking down after two months and living an unhealthy life for the next ten months until new goals and resolutions are made. Instead, eat a hamburger once in a while and you might crave strawberries instead. I have always been taught “everything in moderation” – does this not also apply to resolutions? I believe so.

As I mentioned, I have never set myself yearly goals. Even so, I have so much great things to note about last year. In 2013 I…

  1. started drinking water because I figured out a way to do it without having to pee ALL THE TIME. The trick is to start the day with half a liter and end the day with half a liter – I am not certain why, but it works.
  2. realised exercise is good. This year I have not done any exercise at all, and even though my body looks the same, I get exhausted by doing nothing. I also feel like my back is crooked after writing too many papers and exams. So, exercise! I am starting yoga and pilates and could not be more excited!
  3. understood that I am eating healthy. If I cut out the splash of milk I put in my (one) cup of coffee each day, switch my usual pasta with polenta or quinoa, I am following an alkaline diet! I will not go vegan or vegetarian, but I will try to minimise the amount of dairy and wheat products I eat. As my diet already consists of almost only veggies and fruit, why not try and cut out the rest as a conscious choice?
  4. learned A LOT! Studying at university has learned me so much, not only theoretically about philosophers, writers and politics, but also about how life works and about myself as a person.
  5. think I have realised what I want to be when I am grown up. I have always wanted to be a journalist, but 2013 really made me realise that it is a real and accomplishable goal.
  6. lived in France! Albeit only for about a month, my stay in Caen will forever stay in my mind. A different people, a different climate and a different culture really made me realise that I am a true Norwegian.
  7. have not missed owning a television. Whenever I go home I am so annoyed by my family’s consistent need for the television to be on. There are so many mindless and meaningless shows on! How do people make all this stupid stuff? And WHY do people watch it? No, I will never own a TV (unless used as a screen for my PC). I like my select series and I will stick to them.


I am sure there are many more things I could have listed, but the point is not what I have accomplished. The point is that you can accomplish your goals without writing them down or making them at the beginning of january! By living and learning, you usually understand why things need to be a certain way; why it is good for you to exercise and eat healthy. Try eating unhealthy and see what it does to you. If you do not like it, then I am sure the motivation to get fit and sign yourself up for a yoga class will be so much greater than if you only did it because it is what is expected of you. So go on! Live, learn and do what is right. Happy new year!


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