October 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

Today I’ve watched Sex and The City and Will & Grace. Today I’ve written sections of my term paper like a religious person would have written an unwritten bible. Today I’ve learnt about democracy and about Egypt’s stormy history. Today I’ve also pondered about Egypt’s democratic future. Today I’ve realized I like red wine as much as my friends enjoy chocolate. And today I’ve realized I want to continue sharing my thoughts and feelings on this old thing. This old blog.

During an era of facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, instagram, snapchat and all other popular outlets for social media, blogging is one platform I’ve personally written off for the past few years. A lot has changed since I started blogging on this platform, yet many aspects of my life are still the same. I hope I’ll continue to enjoy life as much as I’ve had this past year and I hope you want to follow my journey. What is there left to say? Welcome back, to both you and I. Cheers!

… Lastly, a blog post is nothing without a worthy amount of photos attached. Cue moments captured on instagram!

– Before going to Caen for a month’s worth of french university lessons, I visited Paris with a couple of friends. Tags? Espresso, Vogue and nail polish.

– The end of my vie très français was celebrated in true norwegian style. Tags? Hotdogs, ketchup, bonfire and family.

– After loosing my smartphone and living on an old nokia with no applications, I came to my senses and splurged on a BIG Samsung. Tags? Happiness, happiness and more happiness.

– My journalistic experience began quite heavily with a press pass to the international film festival Kosmorama. Tags? Experience, cinematic culture and lots of work.

– Museums were built during my time spent in other places than the capitol. Tags? Shock, amazement and longing.

– Summer came and went. Tags? Festivals, friends and good times.

– Suddenly, I once again found myself in Trondheim. Tags? English bachelor, friends and hard work.

… And that is all I wish to share for now. We’ll speak again soon, I promise!


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