Fashion Week, Once Again

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All photos from British Vogue.



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Alberta Ferretti.

Alberta Ferretti.

Alberta Ferretti.

Christian Pellizzari.


Marco de Vincenzo.

Ermanno Scervino.

Roberto Cavalli.


Emilio Pucci.

Dolce & Gabbana.

Giorgio Armani.

All photos are from

Yesterday, I tumbled…

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To take a short break from fashion week, here is a selection of my latest tumbled inspirations.

A photo from Raf Simons’ latest show for Christian Dior. He says this about the collection:

“I wanted the collection to deal with nature and femininity in a different way. Away from the garden and the flower to something more liberated, darker and more sexual” (from Vogue). I love anything Raf Simons creates, but what really mesmerized me about this photo was the pink shade. (The Parisian scenery outside might also have contributed a tiny bit.)

This, because Kate Moss.

I wanted to write ‘life wisdom’, but I think perhaps I tumbled this for nostalgic and melancholic reasons. It especially gains depth if you think of it as something small you thought about yourself, to yourself.


Meryl Streep’s daughter for & Other Stories – what is there not to love and admire?

To end, the famous photograph of Faye Dunaway by Terry O’Neill, the morning after winning her Academy Award. O’Neill has said this of the portrait:

“She isn’t sure quite who she is any more. I waited for her to look away from the camera, and I got the shot. I look at this picture often, and I’m still so proud of it. It’s still the best Oscar picture ever taken. And modern photographers should take that as a challenge” (The Guardian).

London, my London

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Burberry Prorsum.

Vivienne Westwood.

Michael van der Ham.

Paul Smith.


Paul Smith.


David Koma.

Sass & BIde.

Casual Wear Inspiration

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New York Fashion Week has begun. Here are some of my favourite casual Рand wearable Рoutfits from the catwalk.

Calvin Klein

Elizabeth & James

Hugo Boss

Michael Kors

Jenny Packham

Rachel Zoe

J. Crew

This, I tumbled…

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I am back on this blog and I still have no answers to the last post’s questions. Perhaps I will be in France in the fall to study, who knows? At the moment, the future is extremely foggy, but isn’t that part of the pleasures of being young? … So, let me instead focus on what is here and now. Here is the lovely tumblr summary that I once upon a time used to post here:

This photo is the first photo I regblogged from Jeanne Damas’ new tumblr-blog. I just love her, she does not follow trends but always looks spot on. This woman of great, effortless, ultimate french style is certainly someone to look towards for style inspiration.

I will forever be planning my perfect house, however far away the actual house might be. This week, my thoughts have been all about mirrors.

Flowers, because flowers are always wonderful. These ones remind me of the winter I am missing back in Norway.

Having great underwear is a bit of a project and mine has just begun. I really like this photo for the effortlessness and casualness that it exudes.

Did you see the new Dior video? Natalie Portman is always gorgeous and Dior is one of my favourite brands, so this was a must-watch for me.

Again, this reminds me of home. It looks similar to my usual jogging-route and the time when the first frost hits is one of my favourites.

Kate Moss is always a reblog.

This I like because of the contradiction of the cigarette in hand and the mask on her face. Still, she looks fabulous and I wish I looked like this whenever I do my weekly pampering-routine.

To end this post, the perfect breakfast. A croissant is never wrong and coffee is forever needed – this combination is an eternal classic.

– Indi


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I just realised that this blog exists. I haven’t been on it in a while, I see. I had almost forgot it existed. I like it though, it looks pretty and I do think I have some reasonable thoughts and reflections once in a while. I still write, of course, just not as publicly as on this blog. Honestly, I think my journal is the only thing that’s keeping me sane. At least at the moment. And yes, at the moment, I am in London. Just like the previous posts would suggest.

I am still me, in every way. Throughout my life I have always believed I belonged in a big city, like London, Paris or New York. After staying in London for a couple of months, I realise that I won’t become this socialite I always wished to be, at least not just because I changed locations. I miss my friends, I miss my home, I miss feeling like I belong, I miss knowing the customs, the culture, the inside jokes and the popular television series. I didn’t know that it would be like this, even though I did feel this way during my stay in France as well. I guess I suspected that the condition under which I was staying was the cause of my uneasiness, rather than the place itself. Perhaps it is like that here, too.

Because yes, student housing is quite similar in France and England. And those countries’ student housing are extremely different than those of Norway. I suddenly understand why foreigners see Norwegian prisons as luxurious. I do honestly think that my flat is worse than the best of Norwegian prisons. Still, I like it here. I think I have made it into my own space, despite the fact that I am only here for two semesters and have to adjust somewhat to the notion of a short-term stay. I have no kitchen, I have no scented candles, no curtains and no control over the placement of the furniture. Yet, I did make art out of magazines and gallery brochures, I stacked my Vogue and Monocle magazines to decorate and I obviously put my heels on display rather than on the floor in a corner.

Yes, there were a few weeks there that I believed I couldn’t stay here any longer. Yes, I did want to go home. I still want to go home. But I am in London. I love taking the bus to the center of town and watching both the London Eye and Big Ben being where they always are. I love the fact that so much is happening – even though I am not partaking in a lot of events myself. I am here to study and that is what I am doing. And I am learning so much. Not only about Georgian Poetry, Hollywod Cinema, British Media, Power and T.S. Eliot, but about myself and about Britain.

So back to the opening words of this post: ‘WHAT NOW? LONDON EDITION’. What am I to do after graduation? That is my primary concern at this moment, although I probably should try to pass my exams before any other decision are made. I just cannot help but wonder, and stress, about the future. What do you do with an English degree? I obviously know what I am good for, but do others? I am going home for Christmas and during that time I have to convince someone else, someone who actually can offer me a job, that I can write and that I want to write. It is the truth, but how do I portray it to make others understand? Shit, I am growing up fast and I have to figure out what I want to do with my life. Maybe next time I share something here I will have the answers? I certainly hope so.